RETÜL Sizing

RETÜL SIZING $90 | 45 Min - 1 hour

In a short session with our professionally trained Retül Fit Specialist, we can focus on making adjustments and recommendations to help you feel more comfortable on your bike, create efficient pedaling bio-mechanics and help protect you from injury.

During the appointment we will find out about your cycling goals, needs, pains and concerns in our pre-fit interview. Then we will cover the 5 points of RETÜL Sizing:

1. Ischial Tuberosity Measurement
Take a sit bone measurement to better understand what saddle will work for you unique skeletal structure.

2. Foot Structure Measurement
Take a foot arch height measurement to recommend foot beds

3. Leg Extension
Check your saddle height.

4. Saddle Fore/aft
Check and set your saddle fore/aft positioning.

5. Bar Rotation and Lever position 
Check and adjust the position of the stem & bars, to create a more comfortable riding position.

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